AvantCourse is a data mapping tool that gives drivers the ability to use their vehicle in the safest and most efficient way possible without any mechanical modifications.

AvantCourse was initially developed for one of the world's toughest sporting events, the Tour de France, after discovering that riders won more and crashed less often when they had better information on wind and wet road conditions.

Our hardware device, used on vehicles to collect hyper-local data, calibrates over 180,000 weather stations around the globe. Machine Learning algorithms are used in the cloud-based application to help keep you safe while traveling efficiently to your destination.


We are a software and device company on a mission to get the most out of human performance.



winningAlgorithms is a data science and artificial intelligence company that creates hardware and software to get the most out of human performance. wA develops tools that extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, including through devices custom-built by winningAlgorithms. wA discovers unseen data by using machine learning and predictive algorithms for multiple applications in industries such as climate, sports, and healthcare. 

The algorithms wA develops, whether used in on-board custom devices or implemented in cloud-based software, make it possible to learn without being explicitly programmed. One example is wA's product AvantCourse, which uses algorithms to predict the risk of fuel consumption or accidents due to weather conditions while traveling along a route.

Founded by innovators with experience in data science, technology, and human performance, wA’s goal is to improve the world with clear and useful information.

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Our lab allows for the quick and agile creation of software and hardware that answers specific questions in human performance. Our team is available most days to answer any questions you may have. 

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